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Treasure Bags

What is a Treasure Bag?  


The best collecting bag you will find!  The Original Treasure Bag was designed to be functional and affordable, the best and only shelling bag you will ever need!  Available in two sizes, these bright and fun bags are trimmed with fabric patterns inspired by the very treasures you are searching for!  Perfect for shells, seaglass, shark teeth, driftwood, beach stones, and any other beach treasures you may find!  Treasure bags are handmade in the USA 🇺🇸 of strong and durable fiberglass fabric mesh.  Unlike traditional collecting bags, this fine yet strong mesh enables collection of the smallest of specimens while still allowing sand to fall through with a quick rinse before leaving the beach.

Whether you travel to search for seashells on the beach in Florida or seaglass on the shores of Lake Erie or sharks teeth on the Chesapeake Bay, be sure you always take along your bag to collect all of your special treasures along your journey! 


Custom work always available, please message for details.

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