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New from the Holiday Collection! 💘 Celebrate your love for shelling with these fun and festive Valentione’s shell bags! Adorned with ✨ glittery and sparkling colorful hearts ✨ this pattern is sure to help fill your beach walk with love and your shell bag with treasures! 
Extra long adjustable straps are made of cotton to be worn comfortably over the shoulder, and adjust to approx. 60" to for cross-body wear.


The Original Treasure Bag was designed to be functional and affordable, the best and only shelling bag you will ever need! Available in a variey of sizes, these bright and fun bags are trimmed with fabric patterns inspired by the very treasures you are searching for!


MEDIUM: 8x9" designed especially for smaller finds with a finer mesh to keep those teeny tiny specimens safe and secure. 


LARGE: 10x13" and comprised of a more heavy duty mesh and construction to ensure durability for the accommodation of seashells, beach stones, drift wood, and other heavier hauls. 



*Please note, pattern on each individual bag may vary slightly due to the cut of the fabric.  Colors may also vary slightly due to devices and screen settings.


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