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We’re kickin’ off Shark Week with the first of our Conservation Collection!   This fun and unique shark tooth-shaped bag is JAWsome! It features a fine heavy duty mesh that’s perfect for fossil collecting, shells, sea glass, and def-FIN-ately, shark teeth!  As always, each bag is hand-constructed in the USA with heavy duty mesh, and comes complete with an extra long strap that’s adjustable to approx. 60” for convenient crossbody wear!  

PLUS, a portion of every bag sold will be donated to adopt-a-shark through Shark Angels, and promote shark conservation! 💙  To learn more about what you can do to help sharks, please visit Shark Angles at 



SIZE: 10x13" in a shark tooth shape and comprised of a heavy duty mesh and construction to ensure durability for the accommodation of all types of beachy treasures.



*Please note, pattern on each individual bag may vary slightly due to the cut of the fabric.  These shark-tooth bags also may slightly vary in shape, just like species of shark teeth vary in shape as well.

Shark Tooth Treasure Bag!

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